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How to Write a Research Paper?

Date Added: July 12, 2007 08:32:17 AM
Category: Education and Research

Students know that the skill in doing and producing the research paper is very much useful and necessary nowadays. That is because research papers are so useful that modern researches and learning processes would not be as functional. What is more wonderful when you write a research paper is that you would be able to also impart knowledge to others. When doing a research paper, it is imperative that you think not only of yourself and what you could learn from the initiative, but also of other people and readers who might be informed and helped by reading your research output. As a matter of fact, most colleges and universities all around the world are requiring students to make and put up at least a single research paper as a prerequisite to earning a college degree. Some high school institutions are also requiring high school students to come up with their own term papers.


Thus, the basic knowledge in writing a good research paper would very much be of use. If you are aiming to write an effective term paper, it would be helpful if you would first make sure that you are ready for the task. You should have all the knowledge and skills in writing up a research output. You should first be motivated to do the task and should always think that the concept and principle behind research paper writing should be implemented and used first and foremost. Thus, it would be much helpful if you would consider and observe the following simple guidelines when writing the research paper.


  1. Determine what problem or subject you would write a research paper about prior to finally starting the initiative. If you know what to research about and you have a clear idea of what information you want to extract from various sources, the task would be much easier and effective for you.


  1. Formulate a working research statement. You should strive to prove or disprove the validity of that statement. That is where your research paper or term paper should revolve around.


  1. Start gathering data and information. Visit the nearest or school library and start reading books that would be helpful in your initiative. You could also search the Internet for more and updated information. Notes gathering would be an important skill when you are doing a research. In the end, you would have to compile all those notes and combine them to be able to come up with logical and informative assertions and statements. Also, do not forget to appropriately cite sources. Failure to give credit where it is due would most likely be a form of plagiarism, an offense punishable by the law. It is like you are stealing an intellectual property of another person or researcher.


  1. Observe proper formatting of paragraphs. Use appropriate font type and size. Print the research in clean and decent paper and compile.


  1. Proofread the whole paper for any typographical or grammatical errors. A good research paper if free from such flaws. 

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