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Website Templates - Top 10 Things You Need to Know

Date Added: August 13, 2007 05:51:30 AM
Category: Internet: Web Design and Development

Websites are a must for today’s business. You cannot possibly stretch out to the extending world market if you do not have a website. It is your website that carries all your information and messages on your behalf. In fact, in today’s world your website is your identity. Be your business or personal, your website carries your image and personality. Just visiting and looking at your website your customers decides on working with you and extending business relationship with you. So websites are very important and equally important is the best presentation of it.

However, owning a website is not that easy and not cheap either. If you can afford a good fortune as an investment then it is better to hire a good web designing company to create you website or you can also hire a professional website designer for the job. But if you do not have huge budget and especially when you are new in the business then you are pulled back form getting the professional help. In this case, you have cheaper option of getting a website template. Website templates are semi-finished websites created by professional graphic designers and web developers. These are sold in bulk so you can buy them in cheaper rates. They allow you to change the codes and customize the site according to your need so as to keep your website different than the others.
You can also find some free flash web templates in the internet. You can download these free templates and work on these too for these to give you grounds for customization. However, there are certain benefits and drawbacks you should consider before deciding on using the free website templates.

1. They are more and free.

This is the first and for most benefit that they are free. You can search the net and get the list of free web templates. You can spend some time choosing and download the best one that can serve your purpose the best.

2. Affordable and easy

Even if you have to hire a profession website designer to customize the free template, you can get a professional website in very affordable cost. Hiring a professional for just changing some codes is way too cheaper than getting the whole website done. And since it is semi-finished, it is very easy to work on even if you decide on working on it yourself.

3 Consistency

These templates come with consistent color and theme through out the website. So without spending for professional help you get a consistency in design, color and theme. This is very important to give a professional look.

4. “Designed by” link

This is one drawback of using a free website template. You might have to keep the “designed by” link in your website that’ll tell that you are using a free web template. This might not be very good for a professional business website. And for this either you have to search of free templates that do not require this link or go for paid templates.

5. It is not unique

Using a free website template won’t give you a unique website and your website will not have a unique location in the web. There would be many other people using the same free website templates for their sites so there’ll be many websites similar to yours. If this is not a big issue and doesn’t bother you then you definitely can go for free website templates.

6. Fast

When you are using website templates, since they are semi-finished, you can build your website very fast. The faster you build your website, the sooner you can upload your website and get your customers and visitors visit your website.

7. Easy to Edit

The website templates allow you to change codes and edit them. It is very easy to change the contents and logos of the website as according to your need. You can also create new links and add more information. This editing is very easy and gets done in very short time.

8. No Programs

To use the free website templates, you do not need knowledge of any software or programs. If you were to make website on your own, you’d need advanced knowledge of different programs and software that allows to you play with images, codes and arranging links.

9. Downloadable

The free website templates are easily downloadable. You can choose and download them and just start working. It saves a lot of time and your work is done promptly.

10. Changeable

The editable feature of the website template is that you can change the style of you website frequently. You can give this new change to your customers than your competitors. People get monotonous visiting the same site if there are no changes. So you can change your website design time to time to give new look to your customers.

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