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Significance of a Paid Directory and a Free Directory

Date Added: June 30, 2007 08:05:15 AM
Category: Directories

In the past years, a directory had been an important handbook in households and offices. That is because all the contact information and other pertinent details about companies and businesses are listed in those handbooks. But because the Internet has been emerging, the way directories work has also been modified. Now, there are such items as a paid directory, premium paid directories and of course, a free directory. To be able to determine the significance of a paid directory and a free directory, it would be imperative that you initially know how such directories work and how consumers make use of them.

A paid directory is a directory where companies pay a significant amount just to be included in the list. It is like a form of simple advertisement, where a business invests some amount to make sure it is included in the list in a popular and widely used paid directory. Thus, organizers and developers of the paid directory earn revenues. In return, paid directories ensure that online users and consumers can easily access the contact information of the company. For its part, premium paid directories collect higher fees from businesses that aim to be included in the list. Premium paid directories are more surely able to reach to segmented and higher-end consumers and people, so higher-end businesses would surely gain from being included in such directories.

Of course, a free directory is running for free. That means, any business or company can be included in such a directory without spending even a single cent. It also follows that a free directory can include businesses and companies in its list even without the consent of those companies. A free directory is also easily retrievable online. However, as experts put it, less people are relying on a free directory because more often, information and contact details are not updated or are simply inaccurate.

As for the significance of a paid directory and a free directory, these lists surely make consumers easily access businesses and companies in times of urgencies. While free directories are cost effective and are handy, a paid directory and premium paid directories have been deemed more effective because they are able to reach out to the more segmented and higher-end markets. Thus, businesses and prospective clients are given links for possible interaction and future transaction. Online business handling has truly evolved a lot.


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