What do we spend the money on summer holidays for Spaniards and how do we finance them?

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The sun shines on high, it’s hot and summer is just around the corner … and with it the holidays! But, on what are we going to spend this summer vacation the Spaniards the money and how are we going to pay them? Here is a basic X-ray of Spanish this summer vacation: spend over € 1,400, travel abroad, stay in a hotel, use mobile banking services and partially finance with loans or loans.

Does it sound? This is the general outline of the summer consumption habits of the Spaniards that we have obtained in our Summer Barometer 2017. As every year, we have surveyed our clients in 16 countries about their activities and expenses during summer vacations (we have had more than 10,000 responses!). You can see all the results, graphs and methodology here: Ferratum Summer Barometer 2017.

Next, we will comment on the main trends in the case of Spain.


We will spend about € 1,400

Spaniards are going to spend, on average, about € 1,467 this next summer vacation, which is equivalent to 57% of our income per household. Spain is more or less in the middle part of the ranking, among the country that will spend the most, Bulgaria (72% of its income per household) and the least, the United Kingdom (34%). In addition, the vast majority (43%) will spend the same as last summer.

Travel abroad, our favorite option

According to the results of the barometer, our main expenses will be in the financing of children’s summer activities (camps, camps, excursions) or social events (beach, discos, bars). However, the favorite choice of respondents this year is to travel abroad (20% of the total). Specifically, we are going to spend on traveling 33% of the entire budget for vacations.


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We still prefer the hotel

When choosing accommodation for our summer vacation, Spaniards do not just opt for Airbnb. Only 18% of respondents are thinking of looking for accommodation through this platform (compared to 56% of Bulgarians, for example). It seems that Spaniards still prefer the hotel of a lifetime. And even more, 65% of us would be willing to pay more than € 100 for a hotel night (in 5th place, only after Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway).


We give the jump to mobile banking

Here we have a surprise. The number of Spaniards who plan to use mobile banking services during their summer vacation has increased by 166%! compared to the previous year. 76% of us will use your mobile to keep track of your expenses and make payments and transfers. The times they Are a changing.


We partially finance them

A large majority of respondents will resort to some other type of financing to pay for vacations other than savings. Some will do it with credit cards, with consumer loans … but 49% plan to do so with loans from Citrusnorth.com! We are honored by the trust our clients have in us 🙂


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